Academy Releases 'Social Media Cheat Sheet' for Oscar Nominations

Seth MacFarlane is expected to host the Oscars, while his dad, Ron MacFarlane is teased to tweet them. Photo: Getty Images.

The Academy Awards Social Media Team has released its "cheat sheet" for following official Oscar buzz this awards season, with some surprising suggestions for where to keep your eyes peeled.

Along with suggesting that #OscarNoms be used on Twitter for tomorrow's nomination announcements, there's the usual Academy YouTube channel and Facebook page, along with Twitter and Instagram accounts. An official Oscars app has been released at the Apple App Store, on Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Of course you should follow resident quipster and first time Oscar host Seth MacFarlane on Twitter.

Then there's the less-than-usual Twitter account for Seth MacFarlane's dad, filled with nonsensical tweets about summer squash and pencil sharpeners. @DadMacFarlane's first few tweets may be a good indicator of what we can expect come Oscar night: "I knew a guy named Oscar once, he worked in trees. He could cut down an 18 inch diseased ash tree in 20 seconds. I was never impressed."

The show's organizers are also promoting Oscars producer Neil Meron as someone to keep an eye on for behind-the-scenes updates. His account is relatively new and has seen a month's worth of photos from promo shoots and the Academy offices. Their offices are banking on your offices to play a new interactive ballot game on the Oscars website.

A comprehensive list of accounts to visit and apps to download, for sure, but we'd be remiss not to mention our own Oscar coverage. You can watch Oscar the nominations streamed live starting at 8:36 a.m. ET Thursday, and reshare your favorite announcements at " Good Morning America's" Twitter account as well as the ABC News Entertainment Twitter and Facebook accounts.