Justin Bieber to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

After Justin Bieber teased on Twitter that he'd be hosting and performing on an upcoming episode of "Saturday Night Live," a source has confirmed to ABCNews.com that the Biebs will indeed be doing double duty on the show's Feb. 9 installment.

Bieber was a musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" in April 2010, and since then, he's appeared in some sketches and in a digital short.

Bruno Mars is the most recent musician to have pulled double duty as host and performer on the show. Others who've done it include Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Garth Brooks, Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez.

Though he's only 18, Justin won't be the youngest person ever to have simultaneously hosted and performed a musical number on "SNL." The record-holder there is Spears, who was 18 years and 163 days old when she did it on May 13, 2000. Justin will be 18 years and 338 days old when he does it, since he turns 19 on March 1.

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