'Girls' Episode on HBO Sparks Beauty Debate

ABC News' Juju Chang reports:

Lena Dunham has taken Hollywood by storm as the town's unlikely "It" girl, creating and starring in the HBO sitcom "Girls."

Now Dunham, 25, who, along with her character "Hannah," has been said to be the voice of the 20-something generation, is once again smack dab in the middle of a culture war.

Much has been blogged about the fact that Dunham is not conventionally beautiful, so when her TV character hooked up with the actor Patrick Wilson, considered conventionally beautiful, onscreen, it launched a furious debate online about who is good enough for whom.

The affair between two seemingly mismatched mates - Wilson's character, Joshua, is an older, wealthy and very handsome doctor - has critics characterizing Wilson's character "as out of her [Hannah's] league" and calling the tryst between two different looking partners "implausible" and "uncomfortable."

"At the end of the day, it's very unkind but it's also human nature," Jennifer Heller, a New York City-based professional matchmaker, told ABC News.

The show, which recently won two Golden Globes for best comedy series and for best comedy actress, is the second incident in recent weeks in which a mismatched pair has sparked outrage.

A Super Bowl commercial from Go Daddy, which registers Internet domain names, succeeded in grabbing attention when it showed supermodel Bar Refaeli giving a lengthy, sloppy kiss to a non-supermodel partner, actor Jesse Heiman, who pulled off the look of a geek in the ad.

"I've been with Go Daddy for years and have endured the horrific ads you've featured the past several years," one customer wrote on Go Daddy's customer support message board. "It seems each time you are going for shock value, and [are] hoping the buzz about it somehow converts to actual sales. However, last night's ad was the final straw for me. …"

While some assume the mismatch is made up by money, power or social status, matchmaker Heller says the attraction between two unlikely pairs can be real.

"People have emotional needs. It's not just about the physical," she said. "Their need is being filled by this person."