Grammy Intruder Jailed After Crashing Adele's Award Moment

The Grammy Awards may have scored 28 million viewers on Sunday night, but it seems few people noticed an intruder rushing the stage as the first award of the night was handed out.

Vitalli Sediuk, a known prankster on Ukraine TV who famously tried to kiss Will Smith, was jailed Sunday night after he stormed the main stage where J-Lo was presenting Adele the award for best pop solo performance.

Dressed in a tuxedo and black glasses, Sediuk made his way to the microphone just as the British singer was climbing the stairs. Lopez was then seen giving the man a stern look and gesturing with her thumb for him to vacate the stage.

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The stage crasher could be seen briefly on camera as Pitbull, who was co-presenting the award, gave Adele a congratulatory kiss. J-Lo appeared to maintain her composure throughout, while shooting the intruder a look for a second time.

Sediuk told The Hollywood Reporter that he was able to infiltrate the Grammys ceremony without a ticket or press credentials. He said he strode down the red carpet and entered Los Angeles' Staples Center next to Katy Perry.

"I just followed one girl in a green dress through the [Staples Center] gates. They checked my pockets but never asked to see a ticket. Only once I was inside the building did I realize, 'Oh my gosh, it's Katy Perry!'"

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Sediuk said he found an empty seat in the second row, surrounded by A-listers such as Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Sting.

"I think it belonged to Adam Levine," Sediuk said, "because he was sitting on the ground."

Sediuk was held by event security and spent an evening in jail. He was later released, pending a court date in March.

The Grammys were held under even tighter security than usual because of extra precautions taken by Los Angeles Police Department during the ongoing manhunt for fugitive Christopher Dorner.

Sediuk was famously slapped by a miffed Will Smith after he tried to kiss the actor on the mouth at the Moscow premiere of "Men in Black 3? last year.

Vitalli Sediuk, left, crashes Adele's Grammy Award Moment (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)