Kelly Clarkson: Award Shows Are 'Painful, Not Fun'

(Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Kelly Clarkson has won two Grammys, and she's up for three more this year: Record of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance for "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" and Best Pop Vocal Album for Stronger. She'll perform at this Sunday night's Grammy telecast but she doesn't really like to go to award shows featuring big pop stars, even though she's one herself.

"No one talks to each other," Clarkson said of most big music award shows. "Everyone shuts their doors. Everyone's too cool for school. Not everyone but for the most part. And you have to sometimes drag me to those events, just 'cause…it's so painful. It's just not fun."

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Clarkson said she much prefers attending award shows that celebrate country music, such as the Country Music Association Awards or the Academy of Country Music Awards.

"Country award shows are so much fun. Everyone talks. Everyone hangs out," she said. "It's just a nice environment. It's welcoming."

It's safe to say that Clarkson will be welcomed with open arms at this Sunday's Grammys, though: as past winner, a current nominee and a performer, she'll be treated like royalty. But she said she's actually more excited about the fun that someone else is going to have that night: Ali Tamposi, who co-wrote her hit "Stronger."

"Stronger" is nominated for Song of the Year, and if it wins, that award will go, not to Clarkson, but to those who actually wrote the song, including Tamposi.

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"I think in this particular situation, for me what's cool is that Ali…it's her first thing," Clarkson said, referring to the fact that this is the first big song that Tamposi's had a hand in writing. "Right outta the gate, like, that is so exciting! And she's nice and just [a] super sweet girl."

"I think I'm more excited for her, 'cause it would just mean a lot to her. I'm pretty stoked for her!" Clarkson said.

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