Miranda Kerr's Supermodel Health Secrets

Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr is one of the most successful supermodels in the world.

Kerr, 29, is a busy woman, but manages to balance her demanding career with her family life, all while looking great.

Kerr and her husband, actor Orlando Bloom, have a 2-year-old son, Flynn.

She appeared on "Good Morning America" today to talk about her secrets to looking and feeling great.

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(Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret)

She said planning is essential to juggling family and work. She plans ahead for an entire year, works hard and takes time out for her son.

Kerr doesn't always travel with her son because she doesn't want to disrupt his schedule. And when she is at home, Kerr and her son are often photographed at parks in Los Angeles.

Kerr is diligent about eating right and exercising. To de-stress at night, the model practices yoga, especially downward dog and shoulder stands. Also, "To rejuvenate in the morning, swing your arms back and forth loosely and jump up and down, a jump for joy," she says.

The model is also a certified nutritionist, and she discussed three superfoods that she says are beneficial. Kerr follows an 80 percent healthy, 20 percent indulgent diet. Her favorite indulgence is a plate of French fries.

The Scoop on Kerr's Three Superfoods

Noni juice: Traditional Polynesian medicine uses parts of the noni plant. Noni is viewed as a tonic with many different uses and remains an intricate part of Hawaiian culture.

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Goji berries: People have used goji berries to treat many common health problems, including fever and hypertension. The berries can be eaten raw, cooked or dried and can also be used in herbal teas, juices and wines. Goji berries contain powerful antioxidants that might help to prevent disease and boost the immune system. When she's craving a sweet indulgence, chocolate-covered Goji berries keep sugar cravings at bay.

Chlorella: Chlorella is a kind of algae that grows in fresh water. The entire chlorella plant is used to make nutritional supplements and medicine.