Teen British Singer Denies Justin Bieber Relationship

(Dave J Hogan/Getty Images; Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke/Facebook)

British singer Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke, 17, has taken to Twitter to make it clear that she and Justin Bieber are not an item, despite reports claiming otherwise.

Rumors of a relationship between the two teens were triggered after tabloids reported that they were spotted looking cozy at Justin Timberlake's post-Brit Awards concert last week. The Bieb recently split from girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The U.K. paper The Mirror claimed that Bieber and Clarke had been introduced in Los Angeles by mutual friends, and he sent his Rolls Royce to pick her up from her home in London and take her on a date.

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By Sunday, Clarke was on Twitter retweeting a fan post that stated, "justin's not dating ella paige, she's only an acquaintance."

Clarke also retweeted one of her followers' comments, which stated, "so I just read a newspaper article about exactly what you think i'm talking about and it was so ridiculously untrue I actually reeled. are they just allowed to invent things? so and so and so and so have gone public/official. Well, no. what? no."

A friend of Clarke, meanwhile, tweeted, "WOAH just checked my lil sis @EllaPaigeMusic mentions and it's ridiculous stories everywhere! Let my girl live dont believe everyting u read."

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When yet another fan tweeted that some of Clarke's friends have been claiming to the papers that she's just out to get famous or rich by dating Bieber, Clarke shut those rumors down.

"they're not my friends those 'sources' were people I barely knew who wanted quick cash x," she tweeted.

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