Dave Chappelle Going on Tour with Chris Rock?

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Speculation of a comeback by Dave Chappelle has begun anew, following a rare three-night appearance by the reclusive comedian at a New York comedy club recently.

Chappelle's name is trending on social media today after he was joined on stage by Chris Rock at New York's Comedy Cellar and the two joked about going on tour together.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Rock told Chappelle, "You should come down to Palm Beach," to which Chappelle replied, "After next Tuesday, I'm free for like 11 years."

The two even sent a text to Jay-Z and left a voice message for Arsenio Hall from the stage. "This could be the show, - fireside chats with Chris Rock," Chappelle reportedly said.

"I'm in," Rock replied, according to the Times.

Asked about the possibility of a Rock-Chappelle tour, Chappelle's rep told Entertainment Weekly: "I can't even say."

Chappelle walked away from Hollywood in 2005, in the middle of his extremely popular "Chappelle's Show" on Comedy Central.

He spent some time in Africa before hunkering down in rural Yellow Springs, Ohio, with his wife and family.

The comedian told Oprah Winfrey that the experience of having his own show was "incredibly stressful."

"When you're a guy who generates money, people have a vested interest in controlling you," he said.