4 Worst Things You Can Do to Your Hair

Most women only think of wrinkles when they get older but most don't take into consideration the role everyday activities play in damaging your hair. Beauty expert Gretta Monahan shared these four common beauty habits you should avoid for healthy hair.

1. Take down the turban.

One of the most damaging things you can do is put your hair up after you shower, "When your hair is wet, that's when it's at its weakest point."

2. Loosen up that pony tail.

"Putting the hair in a ponytail, clips, headbands. Any time we are moving the hair in the opposite direction that it grows, we're risking snapping or stretching the hair."

3. Keep your cool.

Try to avoid using heating tools like straighteners and curling irons every day. Monohan recommends restorative oils like this "beauty bargain" from L'Oreal that only costs $7. "As part of the drying process I would spray it on and really get that high shine process back to my hair… it also provides a protective element when I'm drying or straightening."

4. Part ways.

Believe it or not, just switching up the way you part your hair can decrease stress on the follicles.