Celebrity Moms Having Babies Into Their 40s

ABC News' Melissa Lustrin reports:

At age 46, Halle Berry announced this week that she's pregnant with her second child, calling it "The biggest surprise of my life."

But she's not the only celebrity getting pregnant in her 40s.

Actress Kelly Preston was 47 when she welcomed her third child into the world with husband John Travolta.

Mariah Carey also had her babies at age 40, the same age Nicole Kidman gave birth to daughter Sunday Rose, her first child with Australian country singer Keith Urban.

"Celebrities want a healthy life, career, family in general, so once a career is in place, the obvious shift is the family," People magazine writer Raha Lewis told ABC News.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that births for women in the 40 to 44 year-range increased 10 percent from 2007 to 2011, despite the stats we've been hearing for years that fertility decreases at age 30, and after age 45, the chance of getting pregnant drops to less than 1 percent.

"The introduction of egg vitrification or freezing has been a tremendous move forward," Dr. Daniel Dumesic, UCLA Professor of OBGYN, said. "And then to also offer genetic testing for the embryos has also been a tremendous move forward in the field of reproduction."

"Desperate Housewives" star Marcia Cross, 51, is just one of the few celebrity moms to admit she used donor eggs to conceive her twins.

As for the rest, mum is the word, but it's clear the idea of having a child after 30 is no longer hard to conceive.