Blowout Classes Teach Men How to Style Wives' Hair

ABC News' Linsey Davis reports:

Blowout bars offer no cutting or coloring of hair in their salons, just washing and blowing it out. But they've become all the rage because they tend to be cheaper and faster than a full-service salon.

A typical blowout costs $35, and many women go as often as three times a week, which, once you add tax and tip, could cost you $500 a month, or $6,000 a year.

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But as initially reported by Doree Lewak of the New York Post, there's a new upscale salon in New York that is creating a way for husbands to make themselves extra-useful at home, by offering blow drying classes that teach men how to style their wives' hair.

The new beauty school begs the question of whether this can actually be a way to save money.

Arsen Gurgov came up with the idea to teach a class at New York City's posh Louis Licari Salon, where your husband can learn how to blow out your hair. But six, two-hour classes will cost you $2,400.

"Hold the hair onto the brush, hold it loose, not so tight," Gurgov explains to one of his clients, husband Jeff Langberg, at his second class.

Langberg, an investment banker, says the most difficult part of learning how to properly blow out his wife's hair is, "Making sure I don't burn her."

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But Gurgov says it all comes down to learning how to wield a 2,000-watt machine in one hand and a hair brush in the other.

Client Langberg said, "It's just doing stuff together. It's another activity."

And a blowout alone can cost you $85 or more in New York (versus about $35 at a blowout bar), so perhaps there is really something to be said in the long run for training your husband in hairstyling.