Jewel on Having More Babies: 'My Eggs Are in Wheelchairs'

(Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

In 2011, Jewel and her husband, Ty Murray, welcomed their son, Kase, into the world, but in a recent interview with ABC News, the singer-songwriter reveals that she's not necessarily planning on giving the little boy a sibling.

"I'm really torn about it. I think I have one nailed, and two feels like something's gonna fall through the cracks!" says the self-proclaimed "perfectionist." Also, she says, "I think my eggs are in wheelchairs at this point. We'll have to see."

At the moment, her focus is on instilling a sense of empathy in her son, especially now that she's an ambassador for ReThink, a national public awareness campaign dedicated to destigmatizing public housing and homelessness. When she was a teenager, Jewel, now 38, was homeless and recalls women making cruel remarks while she washed her hair in the sink of a local Denny's but also how kind people were to her too.

"Hard times make you bitter or make you more compassionate. You either become an activist or someone who's very disenfranchised," she says. "If someone is willing to help you understand your own worth when you're vulnerable, that's a very touching thing. It makes you want to help other people."

Now financially stable, Jewel, who stars as June Carter Cash in the Lifetime movie "Ring of Fire" on May 27, says she and her husband are trying to make sure they don't spoil their son, but it's hard.

"He's everything," she says. "He has a really funny sense of humor, and he's a boy's boy for sure. He loves tractors! We live on a big ranch, so any time he gets to be on the tractor, he's pretty excited."