Justin Bieber: Causing Trouble at Istanbul Airport?

VIDEO: Pop star and his entourage blew through passport control without presenting travel documents.

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber reportedly caused a ruckus at Istanbul's Sabiha Gökçen Airport when he and his entourage blew through passport control without presenting their travel documents.

Team Bieber - around a dozen strong - went straight for the cars idling outside Wednesday night, with airport officials in hot pursuit, according to the Dogan News Agency. Eventually, airport security reportedly agreed to do the security check curbside and allowed the pop star to go on his way.

(Photo Credit: Caroline Seidel/AP Photo)

Fanatical Bieber fans - known as 'Beliebers' - were waiting for the pint-sized singer as he stepped off his private plane, but were disappointed when his bodyguards whisked him into the awaiting vehicles.

Beiber, 19, is due to give a concert tonight to a sold-out crowd at Istanbul's Technical University's sports arena and, according to his Twitter page, he can't wait.

"Turkey is crazy right now," he wrote. "We ready."

It has been a rough few weeks in airports for Bieber: He made news in March for walking through a Polish airport semi-naked.

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