Brad Pitt's 'Dirty' Birthday Surprise for Angelina Jolie

(Photo credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie celebrated her birthday one night early with a romantic dinner in Paris, but the next night, on her actual birthday, the celebration continued.

After Pitt, 49, and Jolie, 38, walked the red carpet for the German "World War Z" premiere (and Jolie changed her dress!), the couple and their six children had dinner at Kuchi Restaurant in Berlin's trendy Mitte district.

According to a source, the family sat in a private room and enjoyed meat with rice, sushi and, of course, birthday cake for dessert.

(Photo credit: Karadshow/Splash News)

But the real fun had yet to begin.

On the carpet for his new blockbuster, Pitt was asked by Bild TV what he was going to get his fiancee for her special day.

"Oh, that's private," he responded with a smile. "You know, something for the global woman, something for the mother [and] something dirty - always."