Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock Bonded Over 'Obsession' With Home Renovation, Kids

Melissa McCarthy had never met Sandra Bullock before teaming up with the actress on their new movie, but said "The Heat" co-stars hit it off right away and had "ridiculous" fun.

"It was ridiculous. It was so fun every day. We are torturing each other, laughing at the same time. She's so funny and so nice that every day was kind of a real treat," McCarthy said today on " Good Morning America."

The duo, which played a couple of mismatched cops forced to join forces to bring down a ruthless drug lord in "The Heat," bonded over their love of home renovation.

"We have very similar obsessions, like we are both renovating fanatics and we were constantly like, 'Have you seen this piece of wood?!' Everybody else thought we were wildly boring," McCarthy said.

Now they are friends, as are their kids. McCarthy's daughters - Vivian, 6, and Georgette, 3, with her husband, actor Ben Falcone - spent time with Bullock's 3-year-old son, Louis.

"We have a lot of mutual friends and it's the weirdest thing that we had never met and then, finally, when we did, we said, this is way overdue," McCarthy said. "My youngest is three. Hers is three. … The kids got along great."

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Their chemistry translates on-screen. Take the hilarious dance scene in "The Heat" in which Bullock and McCarthy's characters spontaneously break into dance at a bar. (Watch the clip above or click here to see it.)

"We are supposed to be beyond tipsy. Neither one of us should be able to dance that great and so we literally just kind of played Simon says. If you do something I have to follow. If I do something you have to follow. So we are literally just making it up as we go," McCarthy said. "I think if that was choreographed someone would be out of a job."

While McCarthy is out to make moviegoers laugh, "The Bridesmaids" star with an Emmy win and Oscar-nomination to her name took her role as Shannon Mullins, a Boston cop, seriously, learning how to handle a weapon from Boston's finest.

"I have a lot of cops in my family and I didn't want to be a silly cop," she said. "I thought [Mullins] can be dysfunctional as a person and her personality can be challenging, but as a police officer I wanted her to be really good. I trained with the Boston PD. Everyone in Boston was amazing to us and we had a great crew from there.

"My husband, Ben, and I went out and did target practice," she added. "I had good aim. Who knew?"

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