Tiffani Thiessen: Why My Daughter Doesn't Have a Nanny

Like many moms, Tiffani Thiessen is juggling a lot. Not only is she starring in a hit TV show, but the former "Saved by the Bell" actress tells ABC News that she and her husband, actor Brady Smith, are also raising a 3-year-old without the help of a nanny.

"My mom lives with us here in New York," the "White Collar" star said at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Saturday. "I'm not saying that we will never have a nanny, I'm just saying right now, we prefer not to. … We're fortunate enough to have my mother be that help for us."

Thiessen, 39, said that both she and Smith, 41, were raised without nannies and it's been nice to give their daughter, Harper, a similar experience-though they're not judging others who do use childcare help.

"It's hard," she acknowledges. "In L.A., it's a little harder for us [because] we don't have constant 24 hour help-but it's just how we've worked it."

She and Smith try to spend as much time as possible with Harper, though the didn't bring her to the polo match. ("She naps at this hour and I'm a sleep Nazi," Thiessen explained.)

"She's a Gemini, she has a little bit of both [of us]," gushed the proud mom of Harper's personality. "She loves the snails and the dirt and the mud, but then she wants to put my heels on and my hat and come with me! We pretended to do her hair and makeup this morning. She loves it. She's a ham. She's such a ham."

Will she be a big sister soon? Thiessen said yes.

"There will definitely be a baby number two," she said. "Not quite at the moment. We're thinking maybe next year some time."