Watch Pamela Anderson's Banned Commercial

Pamela Anderson is no stranger to pushing boundaries, but this time, according to some, she has gone too far.

A risque commercial featuring the actress, 45, has been banned in Britain for being "sexist and degrading to women," according to The Guardian newspaper.

The ad, which originally aired in 2010 in Australia, promotes the Web hosting service CrazyDomains. In it, a man fantasizes about his boss, played by the former "Baywatch" star, writhing in a bikini and pressing up against her scantily clad female assistant.

The Advertising Standards Authority reportedly received complaints that the ad was offensive, and ultimately banned it in Britain because it "was likely to cause serious offense to some viewers."

However, the paper added that Clearcast, a company that vets commercials before they air, defended its decision to allow it to run after 9 p.m. The organization had no problem with the innuendo because Anderson is "a celebrity who was known for flaunting her body" and that she was meant to be "the head of business." As a result, it is "anything but degrading to women."

A rep for Anderson could not be reached for comment.