Inside 24 Crazy Hours With Global Pop Artist Pitbull

International pop star Pitbull knocked it out of the park when he performed live in our "Good Morning America" summer concert series in May, and we just can't get enough of him.

ABC News' Cecilia Vega went behind the scenes with the megastar for 24 hours to get a glimpse into everything from the empire of his Mr. Worldwide lifestyle, to the real Pitbull, Armando Perez.

"Are you ready for us?" Vega asked Pitbull.

"No, the question is, 'Are you ready for me?" he replied without missing a beat.

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Vega's journey starts backstage at a concert in Tampa where, in his dressing room, she finds out those non-stop parties in all of his songs are not just an act.

"What are you thinking about right before you get on stage?" she asked Pitbull.

"What am I thinking about?" he answers. "The only that counts in life. Having fun."

His concert is one long, bumping, sweaty party. And when it's over, the show must go on elsewhere, so he's Miami-bound on a private jet where he gets down to business.

Pitbull lays out his plans for world domination at 30,000 feet in the air, and with a massive social media following of nearly 13 million Twitter followers and more than 35 million Facebook likes, it seems he is already on his way.

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He has teamed up with some of the biggest names in the business, from Jennifer Lopez to Christina Aguilera, and Mr. Worldwide has also turned himself into a worldwide brand, from energy strips to vodka to cars.

"I read one report that said you're worth $20 million," said Vega.

"I definitely don't count it," Pitbull, 32, replied. "And even if you tried to count it, let me tell you, you couldn't."

But before Pitbull went global, he had to conquer his hometown first.

"All this right here is Little Havana," he explained. "This is legendary to Miami."

Now, right in the middle of the neighborhood where he grew up, the hip hop star is wearing a hard hat to build what he hopes will be his legacy outside of music, a state of the art charter school called "Slam."

"To me, it's bigger than hip hop. This right here is global," Pitbull said.

Vega drove with Pitbull through Little Havana to see just how far he's come from dealing drugs to sold-out shows, and for Mr. Worldwide, there's only one place to go from here.

"Everybody's trying to go to another planet now," he said. "We make it Planet Pitt."

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