Bill Rancic: My Son Duke Is 'Not Going to Be a Hollywood Kid'

Giuliana and Bill Rancic with son Duke are guests on "The View," July 16, 2013, in New York. (Image Credit: Fred Lee/ABC)

Bill Rancic, 42, wants a normal life with his wife, Giuliana, 38, and their son Duke, who was born last August.

"My son's going to have a job, and if he wants to get a car when he gets his license, he's going to pay for it on his own like I did," the "Giuliana & Bill" star told ABC News.

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Rancic said that even though Duke would appear on the current season of his show, TV's not going to be a career for him.

"His days on TV are numbered," he said. "When he knows what's going on, he'll be playing baseball in Chicago and have no idea that he was on TV. He's not going to be a Hollywood kid, I can promise you that."

Chicago, Rancic's hometown, is where he plans to raise his child, away from the Los Angeles lifestyle.

Rancic was in New York City this week to promote Small Business Big Game, a competition that will eventually award one small business with its own 30-second Super Bowl advertisement.

Even while talking about the competition, Rancic brought the conversation back to family and how it would enrich the winner's life. It's an unusual turn for "The Apprentice" winner, who didn't know how much he wanted a kid until Duke.

"I can't wait till he can talk," he said. "I can't wait to say, 'Let's go to Whole Foods Duke' or play baseball. I want to coach his teams. That's what I want."

Playing baseball might be a ways off, but Rancic said his son is growing up fast.

"He's now crawling, he laughs all day long," he said. "I've taken him tubing. We hiked up Vail Mountain over July 4. We hiked up to 12,500 feet and he's a champ."

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Duke's first birthday is coming up in about a month, and Rancic told his wife that she could have any kind of party for less than $500.

"Now, she's probably not going to make that happen, but we have to be on a budget. We have college to save for," he said. "Giuliana's got something up her sleeve though. There's going to be a cowboy theme."

As for a second baby, Rancic said he and his wife would rather do it sooner than later, but that right now they were enjoying getting back to normal.

"We are just now getting into the groove where he sleeps 11 hours through the night," he said.

The world followed Giuliana Rancic's public cancer battle in 2011. So her husband is a supporter of any efforts that bring awareness to the disease, efforts such as Angelina Jolie's New York Times op-ed in which she revealed her double mastectomy.

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"With breast cancer, it's all about detection," he said. "You have to educate young women and encourage them to do everything they have to do."

While Giuliana Rancic might have exclusive access through her hosting duties at E!, her husband jokes that Brad Pitt and Jolie hadn't become confidants.

"We don't like hang out with Brad and Angie," he said.