Mayim Bialik: Sons Are Doing Well, Post Divorce

(Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images)

Mayim Bialik, 37, has a lot going for her these days. She was recently nominated for an Emmy Award and she's a star on "The Big Bang Theory." But Bialik's two boys, Miles, 7, and Frederick, 4, are still her main focus.

Even when she found out about her second consecutive Emmy nomination, she was on a vacation with the boys at their grandma's.

"It was just a normal day," she told ABC News. "[Except] I stepped on a dead baby bird that my mother-in-law's cat had dragged in the house as I was being told. Then my kids woke up and my younger son had normal 5-year-old issues-crazy day. I got vegan donuts to celebrate."

Time with her sons is important for the former "Blossom" star, as the family transitions through her and ex-husband Michael Stone's divorce this past May.

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"Divorce is not fun and I don't recommend it, but kids are absolutely resilient and they are also very sensitive and complicated little people," she admits. "So, it's been a summer of adjustment, but I'm happy to report they are doing really well. Their dad is doing well and we communicate really well."

Bialik definitely bucks the trend of messy Hollywood breakups, but she also differentiates herself as the spokeswoman for the STEM program from Texas Instruments. Bialik stopped by ABC yesterday to talk about the STEM Behind Hollywood initiative, which uses topics like zombies that appeal to children to get them interested in science.

"The idea is to teach the real math and science behind these things that we see in Hollywood," she said. "Like how a virus, maybe a zombie virus would spread."

Bialik, who has a PhD in neuroscience, said part of what her boys like about the program is they get to see what their mom does and the tools she uses.

With Frederick a week away from his fifth birthday, Bialik said he's asking "really interesting questions" like "Why the Earth needs a sun?"

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"My older son has a strong interest in looking the way he wants to," she said. "He just bought his first fedora. He's a snazzy dresser."

Bialik's summer has been full of camping and beach days with the boys, and using another secret talent - fixing things around the house.

"I fixed the toilet this summer, I fixed the sink once," she said. "I didn't say I fixed the toilet well but I fixed it."