How Dave Coulier Knew Alanis Morissette's 'You Oughta Know' Was About Him

(Photo credit: Tom Briglia/FilmMagic|David Wolff-Patrick/Redferns/Getty Images)

Since Alanis Morissette released the single "You Oughta Know" in 1995, fans have buzzed that the song is about her ex-boyfriend, former "Full House" star Dave Coulier.

The actor told HuffPost Live about the moment he realized that the song, in fact, did strike a chord. "There was a lot of familiar stuff," he said. "But the one that got me was, 'I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner.'"

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"We had already broken up," he continued. "She called and I said, 'Hey, you know, I'm right in the middle of dinner. Can I just call you right back?' And so I remembered that line when I heard 'You Oughta Know,' and it was more like, 'Uh-oh.'"

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However, there are no hard feelings between the two, and Coulier said that he asked his ex how to handle questions about the song, to which she said, 'You can say whatever you want.'

"I like to think that we parted as good friends," he said. "I think nothing but the world of her. I think she's a pretty outstanding human being to be quite honest."