Why Katy Perry Could Never Dress Like Rihanna

(Photo Credit: Michel Dufour/Getty Images)

Katy Perry posed naked for the cover of her album "Teenage Dream" and has worn her share of revealing outfits on stage and in videos.

But Perry, 28, said that for her upcoming album "Prism," she's going to tone it down a bit because, unlike her close friend Rihanna , she just doesn't think she can get away with it anymore.

Speaking to London's Capital FM, Perry said, "Maybe I'm just getting a little bit older … as you get older you realize, 'Oh, I don't know if I can pull that off anymore.' I mean, if I had Rihanna's body, I would wear everything that Rihanna wears because she looks fabulous in all of it. But I think I want to keep the attention on my music."

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Noting that she has "a lot of confidence" in the songs on "Prism," Perry added that it's the music she wants fans to focus on.

"I don't want to abuse anyone's attention when I get it," she said. "Because I know you only have it from people for a matter of minutes, and then you have to move on. So it's important for me to keep it about the music."

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In terms of what she will wear, Perry said she might emulate another pop star known for her fashion - Gwen Stefani.

"She's someone that's been a real important character in my life, someone I look up to," she told The Telegraph. "I loved Gwen Stefani when I was a lot younger, when I discovered her in my teens. And I still love her now, I think she makes fantastic fashion choices. She has her own sense of style, she's a creator, she is chic while still being still kind of punk rock about all of it."