Jack Osbourne Says Daughter Pearl 'Keeps Me Going' During 'Dancing With the Stars'

(Photo Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC)

Despite rehearsing for "Dancing With the Stars" almost every second of every day, Jack Osbourne said that he's trying to spend any free moments with his 18-month-old daughter Pearl.

"Any chance I get, I'm trying to get father-daughter time with her," he told ABCNews.com on Friday. "We went trick-or-treating and we get our time in. She's going through an 'I like my dad more than my mom phase,' so I spend a lot of time with her."

Entering week eight on the dance competition, most of the couples are starting to feel the physical toll. Osbourne, 27, has dropped 10 pounds since the show began and says he's feeling good, but when dancing with multiple sclerosis, " some weeks are better than others."

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Last week on the show Osbourne admitted he's starting to feel it a bit, and having "bouts of fatigue," which are common with MS, but added that when he's with his daughter, his exhaustion disappears.

"[Pearl's] always kind of a source of energy, she keeps me going," he said.

He also told ABC News that someone else is very responsible for him still being on the show, despite the fact that he has almost no prior dance experience.

"I definitely push him," "DWTS" pro and partner Cheryl Burke said. "He gets tired, but we both get tired. This is week eight, then you get your second wind and we are at the point where we are now, you see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Osbourne isn't just dancing for himself, he's dancing to inspire all those watching with MS to believe that they too can stay active and do the things they love.

"I got a message from this woman - she and her husband were avid ballroom dancers, then her husband was diagnosed with MS, [so] they had to stop," Osbourne added. "Now, he's trying to get back on his feet."

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Tomorrow, Osbourne and Burke will be performing the tango, with three other dances prepared for a special immunity round. They will be dancing to the music of Cher, who will be guest judging.

" You can't not be a Cher fan," Osbourne said. " Even if you aren't, you can still sing a Cher song."