Damian Lewis Says Shooting Final 'Homeland' Scene Was 'Pretty Distressing'

(Photo Credit: Kent Smith/Showtime)

Damian Lewis said he knew his character on "Homeland" was going to die at the beginning of the season.

"I knew they had decided to kill Brody unequivocally at the [season 3] premiere in D.C.," the actor told Entertainment Weekly. "We were in a basement bar at the Hay-Adams hotel. And I said [to showrunner Alex Gansa], 'Alex I got a lot of stuff in storage in North Carolina. I just need to know if I should take it out or leave it there.' He looked at me and said, 'You should take it out.'"

The Season 3 finale, which aired Sunday night, ended with Lewis's character Nicholas Brody sentenced to death by public hanging at the hands of the Iranians.

While the shocking death had many "Homeland" fans up in arms, Lewis, 42, added that final scene was "pretty unsettling" to film.

"Walking toward the crane and having the noose around my neck and looking out," he added. "I was looking at this mob there to see a public hanging. It was pretty distressing."

He added, "[On the show, Brody] told Carrie he didn't want her to be there. But in those last moments he tries to find her and does. In the moment he's being executed in a foreign land in front of strangers, it's very clear he would love a familiar face to look at, and even better that it's Carrie's - a woman that he loves. That's really what I was concentrating on."

Lewis also said his final goodbyes were a bit emotional, as to be expected.

"We shot all through the night. We were exhausted," he said. "We said goodbye to everybody and good night. Very simply, very quickly, with a tear in the eye, and that was it."

As for "Homeland" without Brody, Lewis said, "I think the show will get along just fine."