'Jeopardy Villain' Arthur Chu Proves 'Arthur Knows Everything'

Arthur Chu, whose disruptive style of play has had him dubbed either a "hero" or "villain" to fans of the game show "Jeopardy!" rolled to his sixth straight victory on a pre-taped episode this evening.

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The result was never really in doubt, as Chu, 30, built a huge lead on the initial game board, finishing the round more than $11,000 ahead of his nearest rival with the help of a winning $6,000 "Daily Double" wager that doubled his score.

True to form, Chu skipped around the board when picking his squares, rather than playing them in sequence as most players conventionally have done on "Jeopardy!" Chu's unconventional technique includes employing game theory to give him an edge.

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Chu, an aspiring actor who works in insurance compliance, revealed during the interview break with the contestants on tonight's show that his wife once commissioned a sitcom theme song for him.

"Apparently, I'm the star of an imaginary sitcom called, 'Arthur Knows Everything,'" he said.

It was hard to dispute the sitcom's title tonight. Chu kept winning during the second round, extending his lead to nearly $20,000, though this time he broke even with two $5,000 "Daily Double" bets.

He went into "Final Jeopardy!" with $29,400, and extended his day's total to $34,400 by knowing the name of the business that was the subject of the book, "The Everything Store." - Amazon.com.

Both Chu's rivals also were successful in "Final Jeopardy!" but it didn't matter. Chu went home the winner for a sixth straight game, with total winnings over his streak of $158,000.