Mystery Woman's $10 Date With George Clooney

ABC News' Lara Spencer, Kelly Hagan and Sabrina Peduto report:

Last night at the premiere of the much-anticipated new movie, "The Monuments Men," there was one question on everyone's mind: Just who was the mystery woman and her 8-year-old daughter on George Clooney's arm?

"George has been amazing," the woman told ABC News at the event. "He would make a great dad."

The lucky lady is Jean Allen, a personal trainer from Dallas, who won the golden ticket to spend a night out with the Hollywood hunk thanks to a $10 "Win a Date with George Clooney" charity raffle on

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Before the big night out, Allen, 42, was treated to a day of red carpet pampering, getting her hair done at Ted Gibson's salon and a gown from Rent the Runway.

She then sat down for what she thought was a one-on-one interview with "Good Morning America" anchor Lara Spencer about the experience, with the single mom admitting she hasn't been on a date since 2010.

"Who doesn't love the salt and pepper hair?," Allen questioned. "He is gorgeous. He is a ten. He is the total package for anyone."

She had expected to first meet the actor later in the day, but he surprised her during the "GMA" interview.

"How are you? Hi, I am George" Clooney said to Allen as he surprised her.

The mother-daughter duo remained cool as cucumbers.

"When are you in town 'til?," Clooney questioned.

"Our flight tomorrow got cancelled," Allen replied.

"Great news!," said Clooney.

Allen entered the raffle because she shares Clooney's love for his "Satellite Sentinel Project for Sudan," which helps monitor human rights abuses in the region. The raffle helped the organization raise $1.2 million, which Clooney said will buy the project three months of around the clock surveillance and infrared cameras to detect atrocities that are hidden until nightfall.

VIDEO: $10 to Win a Date with George Clooney

As Clooney, Allen and Victoria, her daughter, were on their way to the movie premiere, the A-lister gave the red carpet rookie a heads up on what to expect.

"We are going to get out of the car," he explained. "There will be a lot of people taking pictures. And they will be yelling like crazy."

But they took it in stride like professionals.

"Amazing," Allen said of the experience. "I cannot believe this."

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Some of Clooney's "Monuments" co-stars commented on the woman's opportunity to have a date with the leading man.

"If you had won the date with George, what would you want him to do with you?," Spencer asked Matt Damon.

"I have been on many dates with George," Damon quipped. "They are pretty good. Some I can talk to you about, some I can't."

Hugh Bonneville's response wasn't nearly as elusive.

"I would want to teach him some table manners," he said of what he'd want to do on a date with Clooney.