Singer Not Happy to Be Butt of 'Loser Keeps Bieber' Hockey Jibes

(Credit: Joseph Nair/AP Photo)

Justin Bieber's feeling unloved.

First the 19-year-old pop star found himself the center of a White House petition to deport him, and then winds up embroiled in a furious international sports rivalry between the U.S. and Canada.

So what's a bad boy to do when he finds himself the butt of a series of jokes and jibes? Why, take to Twitter of course.

Bieber posted a tweet to his near 50 million followers on Friday voicing his upset over all the negative fuss of late, including the most recent "Loser Keeps Bieber" incident.

It all began last week in the lead-up to the Olympic hockey battles between the U.S. and Canada, amid bets between fans, commentators and even world leaders over which rival neighbor would win.

But one Chicago-area company took it further by erecting an electronic sign along a major expressway with the words "Loser Keeps Bieber," threatening the losing country with having to keep the Canadian-born pop star, who currently lives in the U.S.

The sign showed Bieber between pictures of Chicago Blackhawks hockey players Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, who played for the U.S. and Canada respectively at Sochi.

But it didn't end there. A new sign put up by Command Transportation after the U.S.'s 1-0 loss to Canada in Friday's men's hockey semifinal appealed for a "best 3 out of 5."

Command Transportation owner Danny Zamost told The Associated Press the company was simply having "Good, clean fun," though Bieber might not see it that way.

At least the star, who turns 20 next week, is trying to keep a brave face.

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