Clare Crawley on 'Bachelor' Finale: 'I Have Zero Regrets'

"Bachelor" contestant Clare Crawley thought she was getting engaged to her prince charming on national TV, but instead experienced a breakup so brutal that it will go down in the reality show's history.

One week after the world watched Crawley tell "Bachelor" star Juan Pablo Galavis she "would never want my children having a father like you" - and watched Galavis respond with "I'm glad I didn't pick her" - the Sacramento, Calif., hair stylist says she would not change a thing.

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"The greatest thing is that I have zero regrets," Crawley said today on " Good Morning America." "I went into this feeling I'm going to be 100 percent open and I'm going to be 100 percent myself and I'm going to think about what I do and, because I thought and then acted, I'm proud of that."

Crawley, 32, admits she was "falling in love" with Galavis but wasn't completely blindsided when he gave his final rose to pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell instead of her.

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"Because of the conversation we had in the helicopter, there was that doubt in my mind," Crawley said, referring to the pair's final date during which Galavis reportedly whispered something offensive - and off-camera - in Crawley's ear.

"But going into the final rose ceremony, I felt like I've been here the whole time and said that I would follow through to the end and I just figured I'm going to be there and no matter what happens, I'm going to say how I feel," Crawley said.

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Galavis was so pilloried in the media and online for how he handled the finale - not picking Crawley and refusing to say "I love you" to Ferrell - that he appeared on the cover of People magazine under the headline, "I'm Not the Bad Guy."

Crawley says, however, that the reality show actually did show the "real" Galavis.

"As short of a time period as we get to see on TV, I think your true personality kind of comes through in the end," she said. "I think mine did and I think his did as well."

Saying she feels "amazing" now that the finale has aired, Crawley also hinted that she has moved on from Galavis with a new man in her life.

"I'm very happy," Crawley said, without naming her new love. "The good thing is it's not on TV right now."