Michael Strahan Joins the 'GMA' Family

Michael Strahan got a red carpet welcome on " Good Morning America" today as a member of the "GMA" family.

"I'm curious, when I'm here a few days a week, does that play every time?," Strahan, 42, joked of the 30-second clip reel showing him as a baby, Super Bowl-winning NFL star and TV personality that preceded his arrival.

Strahan joined his new colleagues - "GMA's" George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, Amy Robach and Lara Spencer - at the "GMA" news desk in the show's Times Square studio. When Strahan appears on "GMA," he will report from the studio before traveling uptown to his other morning show, "Live! with Kelly & Michael."

"We're so excited," said Roberts. "You're going to join us a couple days a week."

When Robach indicated that Strahan will be reporting on, "stories that you love," Strahan revealed what has him really excited about joining "GMA."

"I watch you every morning and I always sit there and go, 'Yeah that's a good point,'" Strahan said. "Now, instead of talking to the TV, I actually get to talk to you."

Strahan's arrival on "GMA" harkened back to his NFL days as a New York Giant as a he entered the studio to the high-fives of cheering fans.

The NFL Hall of Famer was presented with gifts to make sure he shows up alert and on time for his first day of work.

"The time is off so if I'm late on my first day, it's George's fault 'cause he gave me a clock and it's not set with the right time," Strahan said to Stephanopoulos, who gifted him with an alarm clock. "But I appreciate it because you can never have enough alarm clocks."

Spencer gave Strahan a gigantic "GMA" coffee mug so he could stay caffeinated.

"If I drink all of this it will be one happy good morning, America," Strahan said.

Before leaving for "Live! with Kelly & Michael," Strahan was put to work, tasked with announcing the show's next guests, "Dancing With the Stars" cast-offs Cody Simpson and Witney Carson.

The pop singer and professional dancer then surprised Strahan by wheeling in a wheelbarrow full of Strahan's favorite candy, Sour Patch Kids.

"Sugar and coffee in the morning," Strahan said, holding a candy bag with his "GMA" mug. "Good morning, America!"