Barbara Walters Defends Herself on 'Saturday Night Live'

With her last television appearance on "The View" this week, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" paid tribute to ABC News' Barbara Walters during the show's "Weekend Update" segment this Saturday, showing off a number of clips her being impersonated on the show.

Then, the real Walters came by to defend herself and reveal the secrets to her success.

"Cecily [Strong], that tribute," said Walters. "What an honor it was to see my groundbreaking career in journalism reduced to a cartoon character with a ridiculous voice."

Her tips for a long career in journalism? Having a signature voice, softening the focus of the camera lens when reporting softer news and asking tough questions, including, "If you're a tree, what kind of a tree would you be?"

And number four?

"It is fine to make people smile, but the real money is in making them cry," said Walters. "Nothing brings in the viewers like seeing a celebrity reduced to tears. You may think, awww, I'm really feeling bad for them, but all I'm thinking is 'ca-ching!'"

Her last day co-hosting "The View," a program that she created, will be May 16, and ABC will air a two-hour special highlighting her life and career that night, from 9-11 p.m. ET. Walters will continue to executive produce "The View," and will be a lifelong member of ABC News, contributing as news warrants.