High-Flying Backflip Slam Dunk Video Goes Viral

It's always entertaining to see high-flying slam dunks, but not too often do you see one with a backflip off the backboard included.

At the NBA 3X streetball event in Bilbao, Spain, Botond Dajka of an acrobatic basketball slam dunk show team from Budapest, Hungary, "Lords of Gravity," does just that.

"I'm going to do a special trick, and this trick will be the backflip dunk from the board," Dajka, 22, begins in the video.

The athletic acrobat then runs the full length of court, hops on a trampoline strategically placed under the net, bounces high into the air, flips backwards off the backboard and still manages to dunk the ball gracefully into the hoop, then land on two feet.

He nailed it on his very first try.

"We have been planning to pull this dunk off for a really long time," Gabriel Zippenfenig, the "Lords of Gravity" team manager, wrote to ABC News. "We wanted to have the best location and event to make it happen. NBA provided this location and we thought, 'Where else could we present this 'never-done-before' slam dunk than at an NBA event?'"

The intense moment caught on camera shows the group of basketball buddies immediately start screaming and hugging each other in excitement at Dajka's remarkable feat.

"Wooo! I did it!" he shouts.

Strong pats on the back, high-fives and hand clapping are shared all around as the men are impressed with their team member's newest accomplishment.

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