Alanis Morissette Lightens Up, Goes Blonde


Alanis Morissette has lightened up after revealing that she's recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The singer showed off her new blonde 'do on Instagram, writing, "new hair. girl needed to have a little fun ;) ps- blondes are, in fact, treated differently. this is one of the many effects of work addiction recovery :) #spontaneity #easybreezy #makeupforlosttime #healing"

The hair change comes after the 40-year-old musician revealed to Oprah Winfrey's "Super Soul Sunday," airing this Sunday, that her early experiences with fame caused her to suffer from PTSD.

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When Winfrey asked Morissette what she meant by PTSD, the "Jagged Little Pill" singer responded, "Traumatized because I think that on some level, becoming famous and wanting fame, there's some trauma."

Although she said she sought fame, once she got it, "the traumatized person, in this case, me, gets traumatized by the thing I thought would be the balm. I thought that everything would be helped and soothed and healed by fame."

Check out Winfrey's response below, and watch the full episode this Sunday at 11 a.m. EST/PST on OWN.