Find Out What Happened When Destiny's Child Met Whitney Houston

(Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images)

When Destiny's Child got to meet one of their idols, Whitney Houston, the group was shocked to learn that the late singer was one of their biggest fans.

"Myself, Beyoncé, and Kelly [Rowland] we were walking into our hotel. Bobby Brown was in the hotel lobby, and he said, 'My wife loves you girls!'" singer Michelle Williams recalled on HuffPost Live. "She comes and starts singing, 'Say My Name.'"

The 34-year-old gospel singer said she did her best to stay calm as Houston performed Destiny's Child's 1999 breakout hit, or, as Williams put it, "she killed it."

"I stayed normal because it's nerve-wracking for me when someone sees me and they freak out," she explained. "So I don't do that to other people. I went to my hotel room. I got the pillow, put it to my face, and just went into convulsions and screams of joy."

In addition to be serenaded, the girls were given some advice from the legendary singer.

"We couldn't believe that she was singing 'Say My Name' and then she was encouraging us," Williams told HuffPost Live. "She said, 'Y'all stay together, stick together, love each other.'"

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Though the group did not stay together, taking a permanent hiatus in 2000 to pursue solo careers, they continue to be close friends. They briefly reunited on stage at Beyoncé's 2013 Super Bowl performance, and Beyoncé and Rowland are featured on the track "Say Yes" on Williams' latest gospel album.

Williams was also planning to visit Rowland's new baby boy, Titan, "first thing tomorrow."

The gospel singer told HuffPost that she almost took a different path toward criminal justice. She had planned to shadow the county coroner during an autopsy when she got the call to shoot the "Say My Name" video.

"I was supposed to be watching, you know, someone's brain being pulled back," Williams said. "Instead, I was in hair and makeup and tons of extensions being put in."