Nov. 17: “Heidi” Interrupts Football Broadcast; Nixon’s “I Am Not a Crook” Remarks; D.C. Sniper Conviction

1968 “Heidi” Interrupts Football Game

Football fans were outraged when the made-for-TV movie “Heidi” interrupted an exciting game between the Oakland Raiders and New York Jets.  With 65 seconds left to play, NBC dropped the game to broadcast the children’s movie “Heidi.”  The Jets were up 32-29 when the network made the switch,  but while football fans were stuck watching the opening of “Heidi,” the Raiders came back, scored two touchdowns in nine seconds and won the game 43-32.  Later the NFL amended TV broadcast contracts requiring that a game be shown in its entirety in their home markets.


1973 Richard Nixon: ‘I Am Not a Crook’

Watergate Scandal:  In Orlando, Fla., President Nixon fielded questions from the AP about the Watergate break-in and cover up.  Nixon insisted that he never profited from public service or obstructed justice. He said, “I’m not a crook.  I’ve earned everything I got.”


1997 Six Militants Attack Tourists in Egypt

Gunmen opened fire on tour groups visiting an ancient temple in Luxor, Egypt.   Dozens were killed and more were injured.  After a battle with police, the gunmen were killed.


2003 D.C. Area Sniper Convicted

In Virginia, John Allen Muhammad was found guilty on four counts for his role in the Beltway sniper attacks.  The jury found Muhammad guilty of capital murder while committing terrorism, capital murder for taking part in multiple killings, conspiracy to commit murder and using a firearm while committing a felony.  The teenage accomplice arrested with Muhammad, Lee Boyd Malvo, was tried separately.   In 2004, Muhammad received the death penalty.  Lee Boyd Malvo received a life sentence without parole.



Famous Birthdays:

1942 Martin Scorsese

1944 Danny DeVito

1948 Howard Dean

1949 John Boehner

1960 RuPaul

1966 Jeff Buckley

1976 Brandon Call

1978 Zoe Bell

1978 Rachel McAdams

1980 Isaac Hanson

1983 Christopher Paolini


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