Dec. 6: Gerald Ford Confirmed as V.P.

1973 Gerald Ford Sworn in as Vice President

President Nixon's Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned from office in Oct. 1973 after being faced with criminal charges of bribery and conspiracy.  A Senate vote on Nov. 27, 1973 confirmed the nomination of Gerald Ford for vice president.  The House vote passed on Dec. 6, 1973 and Gerald Ford was sworn in.


1990 Hostages Freed in Iraq

Under international pressure, Saddam Hussein released hostages held in Iraq.  The Iraqi leader's surprise move came two days after a meeting with King Hussein of Jordan and PLO leader Yasir Arafat.


2004 Terrorists Attack U.S. Consulate in Saudi Arabia

Armed men attacked a heavily guarded U.S. compound in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.



Famous Birthdays

1956 Peter Buck

1962 Janine Gauntt

1967 Judd Apatow

1971 Ryan White

1971 Jose Contreras

1976 Lindsay Price

1982 Ryan Carnes


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