UCLA to Ban Tobacco

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UCLA to Ban Tobacco The University of California, Los Angeles has announced that it will ban tobacco products starting April 22. The ban includes cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and oral tobacco. It is part of an initiative by the UC system to try to have tobacco-free campuses by 2014.

Image credit: Aegis Maelstrom/Wikipedia

Spanx Opens First Store Spanx, the billion-dollar, shape-flattering underwear brand, opened its first store today. Located in a mall in McLean, Va., the store features a wall filled with photos of celebrities that wear the brand.

Image credit: Spanx

Finally Finished? The 105-story hotel that was supposed to be a symbol of North Korean power has been anything but. The construction project that towers over Pyongyang is in year 26 and is still not complete. However, the "Hotel of Doom" may be receiving guests soon. According to the BBC the building will likely open for business next year.

Image credit: Feng Li/Getty Images

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