9-Month-Old Twins Swim Length of Pool; Still Can't Walk or Talk

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Head Start They can't walk, they can't talk - but these 9-month-old twins can sure swim. Ellie and William Trykush can already swim the entire length of a 25-foot pool without the assistance of their mother, a swim instructor. Their father said he has his eyes set on the 2028 Olympics for his aquatic overachievers.

Image credit: BBC

New Money The second Powerball winner's identity was revealed today. Matthew Good, 37, came forward last week, but his identity had remained a mystery until today. He said that even though he's $192 million richer, he will not quit his job at an electronics company. Good decided to take the lump sum payout because he was afraid that with the looming fiscal cliff he'd have to pay higher taxes next year.

Monkeying Around A very stylish monkey in a winter coat was lost at an Ikea in Toronto. It was spotted wandering through the parking lot after escaping from its owner's cage. The staff was able to lure the monkey into the store where it was captured.

Image credit: SWNS.com