Instant Index: NASA Astronaut Demonstrates Spinning in Space

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N ASA Astronaut Demonstrates Spinning in Space NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg demonstrated today how it only takes a tiny tap at the right angle to send you spinning in zero gravity. She took one strand of her hair and tapped it against a handrail, which sent her spinning.

(Inside the ISS/YouTube)

Norway Town to See Sunlight During Winter for First Time In the mountains of Norway, people live in constant shadow from September through March. It's been like that for centuries but now helicopters have been spotted installing three giant mirrors atop a mountain. The mirrors will reflect the sun down into the town square below and computers on the ground will tweak the angle of the mirrors as the sun moves across the sky. The mayor said they're doing it for all the "small, pale children in town."

Listening to Music Better Than Aspirin for Pain, Study Says A new study finds listening to your favorite playlist might be better than taking an aspirin. Forty-one percent of patients with persistent pain said that listening to their favorite music helped them feel better. The No. 1 song for pain relief was Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water."