Heidi the Cross-Eyed Opossum Dies in Germany

Heidi the cross-eyed opossum is presented to the press at the Leipzig Zoo, Leipzig, Germany, June 9, 2011.

The world-famous cross-eyed opossum who predicted the Oscar winners this year has died at the Berlin zoo where she lived.

The opossum became an international celebrity adored for her crossed eyes and confused-looking face, with Facebook fans totaling some 330,000.

The Leipzig Zoo released a statement on Heidi’s fan page this morning noting that their “cross-eyed opossum Heidi’s eyes are closed forever.”

The zoo said that Heidi had been struggling with arthritis that made it too painful for her to move, and vitamin supplements and medications were unhelpful. The zoo euthanized the three-year-old opossum.

Thousands of condolence messages poured in from Heidi fans from around the world.

Veronica Waters, of South Africa, wrote, “ Heidi has done a fantastic job as animal ambassador and her zoo can be proud of themselves.  In my heart lives on the cross-eyed baby!”

Many messages bid Heidi farewell and hoped that she would be taken care of in heaven by Knut, the famous German polar bear that died in March.

Heidi gained attention in America after successfully predicting the Best Male and Best Female Actors at the 2011 Oscars while on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

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