Panties Mystery: Thousands of Underwear Strewn Across Ohio Town

VIDEO: Officials are trying to figure out who left 3,000 pairs of panties along a road.

The people of Fairfield, Ohio, are still picking women’s panties out of tree branches and other hard to reach areas. 

The town woke up Wednesday to find it littered with thousands of women’s panties.

“We have over 1,600 pair of both new and used women’s underwear,” said Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen.  “They haven’t got them all gathered up because some of them are in areas where it would be difficult to get to.”

The underwear of a variety of colors and patterns were found mainly in a wooded area in Berne Township, but were also strewn in trees and fences and along roads. So far the investigation into the panties puzzle has turned up no leads, Phalen said.

“There’s a combination of new and used underwear which could be some person that has some sort of fetish, that has had them for several years,” Phalen said.  “I don’t know how you could accumulate that volume of underwear.”

Phalen said that there had been no reports of recent lingerie theft. He hasn’t ruled out that this could all be a prank.

“It could be kids from college somewhere. It really is kind of strange,” Phalen said.

If the person or people responsible for the underwear bomb are found, they could face charges for littering, the sheriff said.



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