Security Guard In Trouble Over Sticky Fingered Tot

A security guard in Everett, Wash., is in trouble for the way he interrogated a 4-year-old alleged shoplifter.

Savannah Harp, 4, was put through the ringer in the break room of a Safeway grocery store after a guard contracted by the store saw her open a bag of dried apricots, eat a couple and put the bag back on the shelf.

Harp’s father didn’t notice her sticky fingers and was taken aback when security stopped him on his way out of the store.

The girl’s mother, Alissa Jones, said the guard proceeded to tell Harp’s father that the tot is banned from the store and that they would be pressing charges.

“She needs to sign this form saying she understands she can’t come into any Safeways,” Jones said the guard told him.

Savannah, who can’t read or write, was forced to scribble on the piece of paper.

“It’s pretty troubling. It’s not like she even knows what she was doing,” Jones said.

Safeway said it was outraged by the treatment of Savannah and the division president offered to take the little girl around the bakery to show her that the store is not a scary place.

“In this case, neither our policy nor common sense seems to have been followed,” Safeway said in a statement.