Whales Almost Clobber Surfer: Real or Fake?

A Santa Cruz surfer took whale watching to the extreme when she paddled far from the beach and almost got hit by two humpback whales in the middle of a feeding frenzy.

Barb Roettger, a massage therapist, recorded the close encounter with a telephoto lens from her kayak.

“I was there to see whales,” Roettger told ABC News. “They were in a feeding frenzy.”

Roettger said she had focused her camera on the surfer for one specific reason.

“She wasn’t wearing a wetsuit and the water was very cold,” Roettger said.

After the whales vanished back into the deep, Roettger spoke to the girl.

“I think she was in shock,” she said.

In recent months, Roettger said, the whales have had a few close calls with boats and people.

Some people online believe the video is a fake. What do you think? Is this encounter to close to be real?