High-Speed Motorcycle Stunt Goes Wrong, But Driver Survives

A motorcycle stunt rider is lucky to be alive after a misjudgment in distance sent him flying 80 feet through the air during a high-speed, high-risk stunt.

Denis Borges and fellow rider Anderson Sanches were attempting to weave through three oncoming cars during a stunt Nov. 21 at the Beto Carrero World theme park in Penha, Brazil, when Borges misjudged the distance and, drove straight into one of the vehicles.

Video captured by a spectator at the riders’ “Extreme Show” performance shows Sanches successfully making it through the cars, while Borges pops a wheelie and crashes, and is then sent flying through the air.

Borges landed and rolled another 40 feet before finally landing approximately 82 feet from where the crash first occurred.  Medics rushed to Borges’s aid as he lay motionless on the ground.

Both he and Sanches, as a precaution, were immediately taken to a nearby hospital but, amazingly, did not sustain serious injuries, according a statement released by Beto Carrero World.

The theme park, the largest in Latin America, also said both men were back at work the next day.

“The drivers are professionals who already have more than 10 years experience and rehearse their maneuvers on a daily basis,” Beto Carrero World said in its statement.  “‘It was a really scary accident, but it also served to show how extreme the show is.”