Hiker, Dog Saved in Dramatic Cliff Rescue

ABC News

The Los Angeles Fire Department has just engineered the dramatic rescue of a hiker and his dog who were trapped on a sheer cliff.

Hiker Ivan Salas, 19, and his dog, Lola,  slid off a trail in the Lakeview Terrace area and were trapped 100 feet down the steep hillside around 1 p.m. West Coast time Thursday.

The dog had run after a bottle  that was tossed off the cliff by Salas' father, and the hiker followed.

Firefighters first considered a helicopter rescue but feared it was too dangerous. They then switched to a rope rescue, secured the hiker, and got a harness to rescue the terrified dog.

"(The rocks) were hitting me in the face and my dog too, and then my dog started panicking, she was going crazy. I just grabbed her tight," Salas told ABC News Los Angeles station KABC.

The hiker was lowered to stable ground and was then able to walk down the hill to flat ground.

The dog was also unhurt. The rescue finished in about 90 minutes.

"We were able to take members from the top of the ridgetop, rappel down, secure the victim along with his dog and lower them to safety," said Rick Combs with the Los Angeles Country Fire Dept.

Salas said it was a scary experience but he's thankful to the firefighters who came to rescue him.

"They helped me, I appreciate it,"Salas said.