Picture of Snoozing Sub Gets Student Suspended

(Image Credit: ABC News)

A ninth grader who snapped a picture of a snoozing substitute teacher with his cell phone camera and posted it on a social network is in hot water with his school district.

The unnamed student, who attends Mustang Mid-High School in Mustang, Okla., was suspended, according to ABC affiliate KOCO.

The picture shows a "close-eyed man reclining behind a desk", The Oklahoman reported.

Mustang Public Schools denied ABCNews.com's request for an interview but issued a statement acknowledging it had conducted an internal investigation into the actions of the student and the substitute teacher.

"Appropriate follow-up action has taken place," Mustang Public Schools spokeswoman Mary Leaver wrote to ABCNews.com.

Leaver said it was against school policy for students to use their cell phones during the day.

One parent told ABC News' affiliate he felt the school had overreacted.

"If anything, they should have been reprimanded for having a phone, but they probably took it to an extreme because they caught a teacher doing something they weren't supposed to be doing," said the parent, Steven Graulich.