Boners BBQ Cries 'Yelp!' After Feeling Heat For Bad Review of Customer

ABC News

The owner of an Atlanta barbecue restaurant is apologizing today for a profanity-laced social media response to a customer that left him eating crow.

The food fight began Sunday when Stephanie Stuck took her husband to Boners Barbecue, located near Turner Field, to celebrate his birthday.

Left unsatisfied by the meal, Stuck on Monday posted a negative review on the website

Boners' owner, Andrew Capron, was alerted to the review and, instead of offering her a free meal, posted a profanity-laced response on both Twitter and Facebook, accusing Stuck of stiffing the waitress.

"NOT WANTED!," Capron wrote.  "(Stephanie S.) left waitress 0.00 tip on a $40 tab after she received a Scoutmob discount. If you see this woman in your restaurant tell her to go outside and play hide and go f- yourself! Yelp that b--…"

He also included a picture of Stuck and linked to her Facebook page.

Stuck quickly defended herself, saying she and her husband left two $20 bills on the table to cover the $30 meal.  She also watched in amazement as Capron's angry response went viral and sent off a social media firestorm.

"He went off on me," she told Atlanta's WSB-TV. "It just keeps going and going and it keeps going further than that, just about this."

Capron also felt the heat and removed his posts from Facebook and Twitter, offered Stuck an apology via Facebook, and a coupon for dinner at the restaurant, on him.

"Dear, Stephanie S. - We are truly sorry, it was a bonehead move on our part. But more importantly - it was rude to you and an inappropriate use of social media, which has been a driving force for our business because we can't afford traditional advertising," he said. "We rely on word-of-mouth. Your experience was yours to share and not mine to abuse. Boners BBQ is my passion and my life. Please give me the opportunity to serve you again at our expense - if not please allow me to fully refund your money on me, Sincerely, Andrew Capron."

Stuck expressed sympathy for the position in which Capron put himself.

"I feel bad for the guy honestly. It's a small business and he's trying really hard. It's his passion," she said.

The jilted reviewer has not, however, seen the apology for herself, or accepted the free meal.  That would be because Stuck has not "Friended" Capron on Facebook, reports WSB-TV.