The Underground World of Women Desperate to be Moms

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Creative Ways Some College Girls Paying Off the Cost of Higher Education

  Exclusive Interview with Pop Icon Madonna - Nothing is Off Limits

 How far will some women go to become a mom?  In a surprising trend, thousands of women and couples are turning to a bold new option: instead of expensive and invasive sperm banks and fertility clinics, they are getting free sperm on the internet.  "20/20? follows several women desperate to have children and willing to turn to this underground universe of online link-ups, meeting men on the internet to exchange this gift of life.  But the possible rewards are not without risks.  Who are these women willing to take the chance on free, untested sperm, and who are the men willing to supply it, often donating in the most unexpected places?  Elizabeth Vargas investigates the brave new world of online donation on "20/20? airing on FRIDAY, JANUARY 13 (10:00 - 11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network

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  Plus: With the rising costs of college tuition and student loans reaching all time highs, it is no wonder some college students are seeking out all kinds of options to help themselves get that degree.  But for some young women, those nagging loans have led them to websites like - a business that connects a potential "sugar daddy" with a "sugar baby."  What happens once these connections are made is up to the consenting adults, but women have reported receiving anywhere from $300 to $5000 a night for spending time with and often sleeping with their sugar daddies.  Other women report receiving lavish gifts and traveling around the world.  Some are calling this prostitution, but many women argue they are simply offering the "girlfriend experience."  Vargas reports.

  And: Nothing is off limits when pop icon Madonna sits down with Cynthia McFadden for an exclusive and intimate conversation about her music, movie, upcoming Super Bowl appearance, family life, dating, age and even Lady Gaga.   And, she answers some of the thousands of questions viewers wrote in and wanted Cynthia to ask Madonna.

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