Gadhafi's Bloody Shirt and Wedding Ring on Sale for $2M

JERUSALEM - A Libyan man is selling what he says are former Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi's wedding ring and the shirt he was wearing when he was killed in October.

Ahmed Warfali is reportedly asking for $2 million for the silver ring and button-down beige shirt, bloodied after Gadhafi was found by rebels in a drainage pipe near his home town Sirte. He was dragged out, beaten and then shot and killed along with son Mutassim.

The London-based, pan-Arab newspaper Alquds Alarabi reported that Warfali believes he could get more than he's asking if he were in Europe to sell the items. A picture apparently of the ring on website shows a simple silver ring engraved with the date that Gadhafi married his wife, Safia, Sept. 10, 1970. Online debates sprang up about the ethics of selling the former dictator's effects.

"The ring does not belong to Gadhafi," one person wrote on a Facebook wall for people from the town of Zintan. "It's Libyan money and this guy should not sell the ring."

Zintan is where Gadhafi's son and once-presumed heir, Saif al-Islam, is being held by local forces. They arrested him in November and have yet to turn him over to the transitional government or International Criminal Court for trial.

"Well you can sell Saif for 20 billion dollars, if you do not want the guy to sell the ring," another person wrote on Facebook.

"Enough fighting over property," pleaded another.

Little stability has returned to Libya since Gadhafi was ousted. Various militias are refusing to give up their weapons and are jostling for power. Clashes broke out Wednesday in the center of the capital Tripoli, reportedly between gunmen from Zintan and Misrata.

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