Toddler Trapped in Claw Game Rescued

                                                                                                                                                    ABC News

Two quarters in a claw machine may be enough for some lucky people to win a prize, but when it came to rescuing a 2-year-old girl who was trapped inside, firefighters took no chances and used a saw to cut into the lock of the arcade game.

A customer  at Commonwealth Coin Laundry in Lexington, Ky., saw that Kaytlyn Campbell, 2, was stuck inside the machine on Valentine's Day and alerted Della Gallagher, who works at the laundromat.

"She was going after the money on the animals and the stuffed animals and just playing as if she was in a toy box," Gallagher told WKYT.

Firefighters tried to distract Kaytlyn, who went from being happy to distressed, during the rescue.

"She was fine up until the point we started running the saw, which was only 10 or 12 seconds. Something about that loud noise and the vibration, it made her start to cry," Ed Davis, chief of the Lexington Fire Department, told

After the rescue, the toddler, who was at the laundromat with her grandmother, was rewarded with two of the stuffed animals that had lured her to wiggle her way inside the game, which had an eight-inch opening.

Last week, Noah Jeffrey, 3, was trapped in a claw machine in Australia, in search of a Sponge Bob plush toy, the Herald Sun reported.

Noah funneled toys down to children on the outside and even enjoyed a lollipop found in the machine.

"He's very adventurous and he thought it was funny," his mother told the newspaper.