Penguins on a Plane Flying First Class

Passengers traveling on Delta flights from San Antonio to Atlanta and from Atlanta to New York were delighted by two special guests strolling down the aisle midflight - Pete and Penny, a pair of penguins from SeaWorld.

"When we reached cruising altitude, the captain allowed their handler to take them for a stroll up and down the aisle so that everyone could take a look at the cute, 1-foot-tall penguins and get some great photos and videos," passenger Jane Worthington Roth wrote on her YouTube page where she uploaded three videos of the penguins on the plane.

The pilot and flight crew allowed the trainers to let the penguins out of their kennels for a walk down the aisle.

The duo soaked up the attention as they made their way through the cabin with passengers cooing, "Oh my gosh! Look at him," and "They're just so cute."

"Pete and Penny are obviously enjoying their training to become flight attendants," Roth wrote. "You'll note that since they were sitting in first class, they are wearing their tuxedos!"

Pete and Penny were on their way to New York for the premiere of the upcoming Discovery Channel/BBC series "Frozen Planet." The show is from the makers of the highly popular "Planet Earth" series and premieres Sunday, March 18 at 8 p.m. ET.

"It's the first time I've ever seen everyone on a plane smiling at the same time!" Roth wrote.

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(Image credit: ABC News)